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This Cookies Policy explains to you how the Site uses cookies and also provides guidance on how to manage cookies.

This Cookie Policy should be read in conjunction with the Privacy Policy.

By continuing to browse or use the Site, you agree to the use of cookies as described in this Cookies Policy.


Cookies are small text strings sent from the Site to your device,  where information is stored for various purposes. In particular, cookies  allow the Site to recognize users on subsequent visits or enable other  websites to recognize such users for particular purposes.

The Site uses various types of cookies for different purposes:

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are cookies that allow users to navigate the Site  or enjoy its basic functionality. These cookies are automatically  installed on the user's device by the Site as a result of the user's  access to the Site and do not require any specific consent from the  user.

In fact, consent is not required by law in the event that a cookie is:
  • • used exclusively to carry out the transmission of a communication; and
  • • strictly necessary for the provider of a digital service expressly requested by the user to provide such a service.

The technical cookies used by the Site include:
  • • Browsing cookies:
    to ensure normal navigation and use of the Site, through different options or services;
  • • Functional cookies:
    to save user preferences and facilitate the browsing experience based on  a set of selected criteria (e.g. language, browser type, etc.)
The Site also collects your IP address or any other identifying  information on your device needed to operate the Site, diagnose server  problems and fulfill other legitimate purposes.

Disabling technical cookies may limit the ability of users to navigate the Site and enjoy its features or services.

Other cookies

All cookies other than technical cookies are set or activated only if  the consent is given in advance by the users with the function "opt-in"  (activation).

On their first visit to the Site, users are shown a cookie banner on  the screen or interface. This banner will disappear once the user has  accepted or refused the cookies used on the Site.

Activation can be expressed in a general way, for example by closing  the banner or clicking on the OK button or scrolling the page or  clicking on any of its elements; activation can also be provided  selectively.

User activation is tracked and recorded in order to make their  subsequent visits to the Site more effective. However, users can always  revoke all or part of their previous consents.

Non-technical cookies used by the Site are third-party cookies:  cookies that are placed on your device by a domain or Website that is  separate from the Site. Third party cookies are implemented by the  Site's marketing vendors and partners through third party tags. The Site  does not control such cookies.

The Site has no access to or control over cookies or other  tracking technology used by third parties accessible from the Site and  cannot guarantee the compliance of third parties with applicable privacy  laws.

  • Advertising cookies:
    These cookies allow the Site to create an anonymous profile of users  based on their browsing experience on this Site and others. In this way,  you can provide users with advertisements focused on their interests  rather than general advertising. This is a list of advertising cookies  (includes a link to get more information about these cookies and  instructions to manage your consent):
    • Google,
    • CloudFlare,
    • Weborama
    • Retargeting cookies:
      These cookies allow third parties to send advertisements to users who  have previously visited the Site. This is a list of retargeting cookies  (including a link to get more information about these cookies and  instructions on how to manage your consent):

    • Social media cookies:
      These cookies are necessary to share content on social networks. This is  a list of social media cookies (including a link to get more  information about these cookies and instructions on how to manage your  consent):

    • Tweet button and social widgets from Twitter (Twitter):
      The Tweet button and Twitter's social widgets are Twitter social  networking interaction services provided by Twitter Inc. Personal Data  Collected: Cookies and Usage Data. Place of processing : USA – Privacy Policy

    • Like button and social widgets from Facebook (Facebook Inc.):
      The "like" button and the social widgets of Facebook are services of  interaction with the social network Facebook, provided by Facebook Inc.  Personal Data Collected: Cookies and Usage Data. Place of processing :  USA – Privacy Policy

    • Analytical cookies:
      These cookies are collected by third parties, either individually or in  aggregate, in order to collect information about the number of users and  the way they visit the Website, such as information about the most  viewed pages or sections. This is a list of analytical cookies  (including a link to learn more about these cookies and instructions on  how to manage your consent):
       Adobe Site Catalyst,
       Google Analytics.
    The Site uses cookies that do not allow any control over your device and do not install programs on that device.

      • Cookies that may be used


    Browser Preferences

    Users can manage their cookie preferences through their web browser settings:
    For more information, users can visit: o

    Deactivating Cookies

    You can disable cookies by changing your browser. Almost all browsers  are configured to accept Cookies but almost all (Google Chrome,  Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc..) allow you to disable  Cookies through the browser setting. Disabling browsing cookies or  functional cookies may limit the service we offer or cause the Site to  malfunction. To learn more, please visit the website


    Users who wish to contact the Site for any question relating to cookies are encouraged to write to:

    Changes to this Cookies Policy

    Any future changes to this Cookie Policy will be posted on the Site  and, where applicable, notified to users by email. Users are encouraged  to read this Cookie Policy frequently to check for updates or changes.

    Last updated: July 2019
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