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Le Naty - Made in Italy. Handmade and Embroidered
As a brand, Le Naty was born in 2009.
They are passionate and enthusiastic about any aspect of life and every item they realize communicates their energy and love.
Their collection is festive and joyful for a woman who is romantic and graceful.
Many of their creations have also appeared in fashion magazines and newspapers.
Le Naty world is coloured with glamour accessories:bikinis,bags, clothes, caftans to dare with naughty naivety and sophistication,to get a sparkling touch in every occasion.
Bright colours and sparkling bikinis in a cocktail of femininity for a summer sophisticated and chic.
Style is a glamorous game for Le Naty, an idea born from a feminine taste to highlight
the armony of the body and the stylishness of every single woman.
Italian stylistic tradition and the excellence of its craftmanship are aspects we deeply love and that we emphasize in every Le Naty collection by adding the most peculiar manufacturing of our culture: appliqués, pearls, laces and embroideries all created exclusively to enhance our garments with the maximum handmade excellence.
The careful choice of materials, natural fabrics, accessories,makes each and every of our creations exclusive and unique for shapes, colours , patterns and makes wearing it a real pleasure.
It’s a garment created in Italy only with extreme care, paying close attention to quality.
That’s why every Le Naty garment is a unique, original and precious specimen.
Our brand is only sold in selected boutiques.
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