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The collection has been influeced by Mediterranean Sea, source of beauty and culture.
Turquois and red coral bikini with light pink swim wear make the woman who chooses Le Naty refined and elegant.
They are jewellery, preciuous stone enhance both bikini and swim wear, while long dresses and elegant caftans are enhanced by manual incision made by coral, turquois stone, crystals and pearls.
Our dresses are not only modern and unique, they are also handmade, crochet and tricot works are expressions of a tradition almost disappeared that our Brand wants to represent.
These items of clothing are exclusive, they can give you freshness in a hot sunny day, but they are also suitable for a party on the seaside.
Totally made in Italy, our items are well-finished expecially in the details.
Who chooses to wear Le Naty not only become part of a colorful universe made by silk, linean and unique accessories, but he also represents an important choice: the one which prefer italian manufacturing.
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